What Can You Borrow

What you can borrow

Item Quantity Loan Period
Book 8 4 weeks


Item Quantity Loan Period
eReader 1 4 weeks
eBook/eAudiobook* 10 1, 2 or 3 weeks
eMagazine Unlimited Unlimited


Item Quantity Loan Period
Audio Book A total of 8 non book items from Audio Book, CD & DVD stock. Charges apply for CDs, CD Roms and DVDs 4 weeks
CD 2 weeks
DVD 4 weeks



If you are unable to return your items before the due date of the loan period or if you wish to keep them out a little longer then you can renew your items for up to a maximum of 3 times. If a reservation has been placed on them renewal is not possible.

Renewals can be done in the following ways

*It is not possible to renew ebooks or e audiobooks.


If there is something in particular you would like to borrow you can search the Library Catalogue and place a reservation on it. When your item is available you are notified so that you can collect it from your local library. You can reserve up to 6 items at any one time.

Library staff will also place reservations on items for you and can help you find what it is you are looking for.

Request for purchase

Want to borrow an item but Aberdeenshire Libraries doesn’t stock it? Then you can suggest a purchase by either completing the online form on the Library Catalogue or asking at your local library.

Request for Inter-Library Loan

An Inter Library Loan (ILL) can be requested from other organisations for

  • adult non-fiction – this can include single music scores
  • Sets of music – orchestral sets and sets of vocal scores
  • Adult Talking Books for Visually Impaired People

An online request form is available from our Library Catalogue. A charge will apply for Inter Library Loans. See our Charges page for details.