Bookbug bags – Bookbug Bags are free and full of brilliant books and goodies for you to share with your child.

  • Your health visitor will gift a Bookbug Baby bag before baby is one year old;
  • and a Bookbug Toddler bag before their 2nd
  • Bookbug Explorer bags are gifted to 3 year olds through nurseries and playgroups.
  • When your child starts school they will receive a Bookbug P1 Family bag.

If you think you may have missed out on receiving a Bookbug bag, please contact your local library or your local Bookbug Coordinator



Bookbug Sessions –

Free, fun and friendly story, song and rhyme sessions for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and their families to enjoy together. These usually last around 30 minutes and are a great way to meet other parents, carers and children in your local area.

Sharing stories, songs and rhymes with your child has many wonderful benefits. Its lots of fun and just a few minutes a day will:

  • Develop your child’s language skills
  • Give you time to cuddle and help you bond with your child
  • Help you and your child feel more relaxed
  • Boost your child’s confidence
  • Encourage your child to draw and write
  • Give your child a head start in life

Find your nearest Bookbug Sessions by clicking this link

Bookbug’s Library Challenge – Free and fun way to encourage children from birth to discover and enjoy their local library. The challenge runs in libraries across Aberdeenshire from January to April each year, and your child will have the chance to collect beautifully illustrated certificates.

Libraries have a range of great children’s books you can borrow for free and your baby or toddler is never too young to join.

Sign up for Bookbug’s free and fun Library Challenge in January 2017- it’s an easy way to enjoy books!